Reviewed by Marie-France M
Mar 3, 2018

Air boat swamp tour with Capt'n Kelly
When we booked our swamp tour from our hotel, we didn't have a great idea of what to expect. We knew only that we would be seeing alligators and that we would be going "too fast for the mosquitoes to catch us" as our concierge told us after asking whether we should bring repellent. What followed was one of the more enjoyable experiences on our vacation. Cap'n Kelly took us out to some of the local alligators' favorite haunts and we ended up seeing about 5 or 6 of them. He was very brave bordering on crazy while trying to secure the best possible pictures for some of the tour members. He was also very knowledgeable about the area and the alligators themselves. He delivered all the information with a great sense of humor as well. After reading other reviews it would seem that the other guides are also fantastic and I would definitely recommend this tour to anyone I knew in the area

Reviewed by Tracy D
Mar 4, 2018

Awesome Adventure
We do highly recommend this swamp tour. Captain Chip was knowledgeable and funny and the area is gorgeous!


Reviewed by LH1106

Mar 4, 2018

Chip off the Old Block
Ride with Cap’n Chip! He was extremely knowledgeable about the wildlife and ecosystem and it was interesting to learn about how locals live off of the land. The landscape was beautiful and of course the gators were out and about ready for some marshmallows. Loved the entire ride and would do it over and over again!


Reviewed by Kevin M
Feb 24, 2018

Great time for a bachelor party

We had Captain Chip for a bachelor party and it was a great time. I'd totally come back again. Also I usually get sea sick but didn't feel at all after a two hour tour. Highly recommended, great operation they run here

Reviewed by justin298
Feb 23, 2018

Amazing Adventure!!

My 5 year old is obsessed with Alligators and my 8 year old is a big fan too. We booked a few days in advance for the small boat (Worth it) and were picked up at our Hotel in the Quarter, Amazing time, never seen anything like it, and very educational, I learned a lot. A large (I thought it was big) alligator tried to climb in the boat, everyone thought that was amazing (Especially my kids) Definitely one we will never forget. Thank you Capt'n Kelly

Reviewed by aiya r
Feb 14, 2018
Team Captain Chip!!!!!This was such an awesome experience! Captain Chip put the sauce in awesome sauce. His tour was informative and comedic! It was the highlight of our trip! Oh and we booked by phone with Captain Joey who was also a pleasure to speak with!


Reviewed by charityrn

Jan 23, 2018

Best part of our NOLA trip.
This tour was amazing! This was such a great learning experience. CAPT'N Kelly was so knowledgeable about the Bayou. It was so interesting to learn about the Gators and all the animals in their natural habitat. If we ever visit from SC again we will have this on our list of things to do! Thanks for a great experience.

"In your face alligators!"

Nov 20, 2017    Reviewed by blazentrails1969
If your desire is to experience live, monstrous alligators in their natural element, up close and personal, then this airboat tour is for you. The company and its airboat operators are first rate. The airboat operators are highly experienced, knowledgeable (they have lived there all their lives) and are safety focused without diminishing the experience. Folks, these are really huge swamps filled with a variety of animal wildlife. Our ride was on a ten passenger airboat that effortlessly flew across the swamps. Ear phones (for fan propulsion noise) and life jackets are provided. It is NOT recommended that you try out the life jackets by jumping into the swamp! Take a video camera with you. I got about 30 minutes of great alligator memories.

4 weeks ago  Reviewed by safaritraveler2014

"Capt'n Kelly and New Orleans Air Boats...Super fun!!!" My husband and I went for an Air Boat Swamp Tour with New Orleans Air Boats. Capt'n Kelly was our pilot and guide. He was knowledgeable, funny, and shared his vast background growing up in the swamps of Lafite. A great experience which I can highly recommend for a half day of something totally different when visiting New Orleans.

"Great tour"
2 weeks ago    Reviewed by AshTim78
This is 2nd year I've done a small boat tour w/ NO Airboats & 4th overall. NO Airboats is definitely the best. This year had Captn Kelly. Very informative & made it a great time. I would recommend to anyone heading to NO.

"Lovely time with a good guide!"
3 weeks ago      Reviewed by Elisabet I
We had a fantastic time this November on our tour with Captain Kelly, he was very informative and fun, and was very nice to answer out endless questions about the alligators, the nature and other animals in the area. It really was the perfect Air Boat experience.

"Captain randy was amazing!"
4 days ago    Reviewed by Mac C

It was winter so there weren’t any alligators but captain randy still made our trip incredibly interesting. I’d love to go again


Joie E. Libbey reviewed New Orleans Airboat Tours, LLC — 5 star

Captain Chip was awesome and very knowledgeable about the area and gators that are on the "payroll"! The weather was fantastic and the scenery was gorgeous-5 stars all the way!! �����

"Worth the money, excellent tour!"

2 days ago Reviewed by Janelvee

We had a great time... except for the downpour of rain, but that's not the captains fault. :) We loved this tour! We learned lots of information about the area, and about some of the history of the area too. There are things living in those swamps that we have never even heard of! :) The gators were great, and the airboat was a blast. We'd do it again, and recommend it to everyone while they are in town. 5 stars! (We did the small boat, on a Tuesday morning. There were 7 of us on the boat all together. We drove to the location.. and did not get picked up, which saves a little money. We received a military discount. #Merica If you grab a poncho from the store, you only pay for it if you use it... I recommend you bring one... and spring for the pricier one, because the little cheap clear one doesn't help if it's raining hard... we were soaked from head to toe.)

"Best experience we had in NOLA"

2 days ago Reviewed by ossieuns
Pick up from hotel was very prompt. 30 min drive to the venue. Then what an experience. We got to experience Alligators in the wild, the beautiful scenery, owls, a great talk on the local area and what is impacting on it. Highly recommend this trip and company.


2 days ago Reviewed by Stuart T

CAPT'N KELLY is great. Super personable with a large group and a lot of local knowledge about the swamp and the various plants and wildlife. Highly recommend him and the New Orleans Airboat Tours.

"Awesome tour!"
2 days ago

Reviewed by ctomi

We booked a tour for 6/8 on one of their small airboats. Transportation to and from the tour location went very smoothly. The three of us along with another family of four were assigned to Captain Kelly's airboat. We headed into a private area of the swamp and it was alligator time! We saw small to 10-foot gators all around our boat. Captain Kelly gave us some facts about alligators and talked about their conservation efforts. Lots of great photo opportunities. We then had the opportunity to see and photo a wild Purple Gallinule up close (it came on the prow of the boat and was hand fed by Captain Kelly). The young son of the other family was invited to sit next to the captain. That was a thrill for him. Towards the end of the tour, Captain Kelly afford all of us the opportunity to be photographed holding a young alligator. The whole experience was awesome! We have previously done a swamp tour by boat, but I would strongly recommend going by airboat.


Chrissy Bloxham reviewed New Orleans Airboat Tours, LLC — 5 star

April 22 · 

My best friend and I went on an airboat tour while on vacation from canada! Everyone there was warm and welcoming and very professional. We had Kelly take us out on the boat and he was awesome. Funny, knowledgeable and charismatic! We had the best time ever and I absolutely without a shadow of a doubt would recommend this company to anyone wanting to see Louisianas' amazing bayou. 10 stars not 5!

Christa Benjamin reviewed New Orleans Airboat Tours, LLC — 5 star

March 29 · 

A wonderful experience! Our tour guide was the owner of this family business and the swamp lands have been in the family for 100 years. He has been around alligators since he was knee high to a grasshopper! We saw lots of alligators up close and personal. We even got to hold a baby gator! They raise lots of little ones that they put back out in the swamps to keep the population up. I would highly recommend this to anyone traveling to New Orleans! Kid friendly, safe and fun!

"Vietnam Company Reunion Group"
2 days ago Reviewed by L Wayne J
Great Super Unbelievable a MUST Do ..... Ask for Cameron best guide ever and funny Thanks for the adventure.

"Awesome Tour!"

[5 of 5 stars] 2 days ago Reviewed by Kyle H This was my first trip to Louisiana and my airboat tour was the first thing I experienced. Captain Cameron was so good at explaining the land, animals and history of the swamp. He got us very close to some alligators and nutria which was the highlight of my trip!

"One of the highlights of our trip!"
[5 of 5 stars] 2 days agoReviewed by andiann12
This was one of my favorite things from our New Orleans trip. Our Captain was named Cameron and he knew so much about the swamp. He was sharing facts about the land and animals with us throughout the ride. The airboat was really fun and something I have never done before. Towards the end of the ride Cameron pulled out a small alligator and we all had the chance to hold it! Such a cool experience.

"Best history lesson outside of a classroom"
[5 of 5 stars] 2 days ago Reviewed by 727mpr
One of the best tours we have ever done. We learned a lot about the area and it's history. The captain Randy was absolutely great. He he knew his history and presented it in a way you wanted to learn more. Wish the tour was longer than an hour and 45 minutes. He brought the swamp alive with the history of Jean Laffite.

“Oh What A Ride”

[5 of 5 bubbles] Reviewed yesterdayNEW

Awesome ride. Capt'n Cameron did an excellent job. He shared his knowledge as well as adding a few great stories. Very personable and fun. Laughed as we learned , and you can't beat that. Would take his tour again. Great bunch of people to deal with. Worth the trip and the time. Highly recommend.

Visited February 2017

"Best part of our trip"


5 of 5 stars
Reviewed by Jami0927

We took the airboat tour with Capt'n Randy on the last day of our trip to New Orleans. We were not disappointed at all! Just as a heads up, we were a little confused between the difference in names , New Orleans Boat Tours and Jean Lafitte Airboat Tours, but they are the same. Capt'n Randy was awesome! He answered every question we asked and told us so much about the history of the area and not only the alligators, but a ton of other wildlife. During this time of the year, the larger gators are hibernating, but we still saw several small gators and he even caught a small one for us! This experience was worth every single penny that we spent, which says a lot because we budget for every moment of our vacation.


Reviewed by Bree D 

Capt'n Cameron was amazing! So informative and such a great personality! Definitely recommend this place!! Thank you so much!! We had a great time!

“A must do!!”

I was looking forward to this tour since I booked my trip to New Orleans a few months ago. I wanted to get out there on the water, see some nature and maybe some gators, but never expected the tour guide to be the highlight of the tour. That captain Randy is truly amazing. He was knowledgeable, informative, hilarious, someone I could listen to for hours. He had the whole group cracking up. Also, he had a baby gator that he let us hold. An amazing tour, highly recommended!!

Visited November 2016
“Immerse Yourself into the Local Experience"

I'd been on airboat tours in Florida before, but this tour was unique in that our guide, Captain Brandon, was truly a local born and raised kid who lived the swamp live and explained the local culture and care for the environment the way no other could. We loved it!
p.s. We saw lots of alligators too!

Visited November 2016

"A must do!!"
5 of 5 stars
2 days ago
Reviewed by Paige H

I was looking forward to this tour since I booked my trip to New Orleans a few months ago. I wanted to get out there on the water, see some nature and maybe some gators, but never expected the tour guide to be the highlight of the tour. That captain Randy is truly amazing. He was knowledgeable, informative, hilarious, someone I could listen to for

"Awesome Airboat Tour"
Reviewed by Robin S

Captain Randy was awesome! Very informative - 6th generation landowner - knew all about the area; history; the vegetation and animals. He actually caught a baby alligator and proceeded to talk about this interesting animal. The ride was fun! 

"Love these guys..."
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed by Gillian F

Been out twice with N.O. Airboat Tours (2 years apart) and loved each trip. Funny, friendly, polite... and did I say funny?!?! Beats other operators hands-down, because it's a small firm & they love what they do.

"Best part of our trip!"
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed by Dawn R

This truly was the best part of our trip! We had Capt. Derek (I believe) who was very knowledgeable about the area. It was obvious that he shares a deep connection with the land. He had a good sense of humor and seemed to really enjoy his job. My husband and I are not city people but made the mistake of staying in the French Quarter (it's just not for us). This tour lifted my spirits so much that I didn't want to leave. Seeing the flora and fauna of different regions is what really peaks my interest. This was a wonderful way to experience such a thing. I just wish we could have really seen what an airboat can do!

"Best airboat ride"
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed by Stacy R

This was the best airboat ride! We went on two in the Everglades and we fell in love with the bayou...our guide knew so much about the environment and knew exactly where to go to see the alligators and other wildlife close up and personal. We got to feed the birds as they walked on our boat. The alligators came right up to our boat and there were about six of them! This family owned business really seems to care about the tourists and teaching them all about the bayou.

"A Fun Trip and Many Alligators"
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed by Cozmo42

We were at a conference in New Orleans and wanted to see the swamp/bayou areas. We found New Orleans Airboat Tours on TripAdvisor, and decided to take a tour. They were very friendly, and well organized. We went on the small boat, which allowed us to go into the smaller gated areas of their swamp land. This tour company actually owns about 600 acres that they use for the tours. Our Captain took us back through some areas at a good speed, making sharp turns, following the water way, making it a fun tour. Then he pulling into this large open area, and shut down the engine. The next thing we saw, were several large alligators coming towards us! He was bringing them to us with Marshmellows. They came right up to the boat, sometimes fighting each other for a Marshmellow. Quite a show. Later on, in another area, he brought out a baby alligator, and passed it around. They feel much different than I had thought. They feel like leather, and a little soft leather on their belly. Then, using Marshmellows again, he brought over some beautiful purple birds. They were the local swamp bird, Purple Swamphen. We felt our Captain did a great job, gave us some thrills in his boat techniques, and was well versed in the local area. We highly recommend this tour, but on the small boat.

"A "must-do" if visiting New Orleans!"
5 of 5 stars
Reviewed by Andrea J

Capt'n Randy was awesome! The tour was way more educational and interesting than simply looking for gators- the amount of history and info we got was amazing! Everyone in our group was beyond pleased with the experience. We did the 12:00 tour, on the 20 person boat, which could have gotten crazy hot, but thankfully clouds rolled in right as we were going out. The shuttle service they arranged for us picked us up from our house right on time, and was a pleasant, air conditioned ride. The tour was the highlight of the trip for all of us, and we would HIGHLY recommend it to anyone visiting New Orleans! Thanks Capt'n Randy!



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