Meet the Captains

Capt'n Randy portrait

Capt'n Randy

has been giving airboat swamp tours for the past fifteen years but has twenty-four years experience driving airboats. Born and raised on the bayou, he has spent his entire life working, hunting, trapping and fishing in Louisiana's wetlands. Randy has been a Born Again Christian for the past four years and attends the White Dove Fellowship Church in this area.

Capt'n Derek portrait

Capt'n Derek

has been doing airboat swamp tours for sixteen years. Also, born and raised on the bayou, Capt'n Derek has spent his entire life working, hunting, trapping and fishing in Louisiana's wetlands. His hobbies are scuba diving in local lakes searching for sunken cypress trees known as "Sinkers" and Indian artifacts. He's involved in Louisiana's alligator egg harvesting program, collecting eggs from alligator nests. His ancestry is Cajun French and Houma Indian.

Capt'n Branden portrait

Capt'n Branden

has been working here at New Orleans Airboat Tours as an airboat tour guide for six years. He was born and raised on the bayou and has made his living in these wetlands. He has also made a living as a trapper, fisherman and alligator hunter in our swamp and marsh wetlands. He is also a practicing taxidermist.

Capt'n Kendal portrait

Capt'n Kendal

has been working at New Orleans Airboat Tours for five years as a tour guide. He's also a native of the bayou area and has spent most of his life in the swamp and marsh wetlands as a hunter, trapper and fisherman.

Capt'n Cameron portrait

Capt'n Cameron

has been with New Orleans Airboat Tours for four years. Also a native of the area, Capt'n Cameron has spent time on offshore boats as a captain.

Capt'n Chip portrait

Capt'n Chip

not only has skills as an airboat tour guide, but also as a Bow Fisherman as well. He's been doing tours on an airboat for the past five years, but has twenty years experience with airboats. Capt'n Chip can give you a top-rated tour with his knowledge of Louisiana's wetlands.

Capt'n Kelly portrait

Capt'n Kelly

has over 35 years experience in boats and most of that in the wetlands. He has trapped for a living and also was a commercial fisherman. He is a native of this area and his knowledge of these wetlands make him a fascinating airboat guide.

Capt'n Ken portrait

Capt'n Ken

born and raised on the bayou. Capt'n Ken  has worked in the wetlands as a commercial fisherman and trapper all of his life for shrimp, hard crabs and soft shell crabs. Like all our captains, these wetlands are his backyard and he knows every inch of them.

Capt'n Ryan portrait

Capt'n Ryan

has been doing airboat tours for many years now. He once worked for a law firm working on wetland legal matters, but decided to return to the airboats, He owns his own airboat and makes his living by harvesting alligator eggs, trapping, hunting alligators and, of course, as an airboat capt/tour guide.

Capt'n Lane portrait

Capt'n Lane

has ten years experience on airboats and also as a tugboat captain. Capt'n Lane is Experienced in bow fishing on airboats and has worked as both a commercial fisherman and trapper.


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