Why Choose Us

What Makes Us Different?

Here at New Orleans Airboat Tours, we own the waterways our boats travel which allows us to get up close and personal to Mother Nature in a way other tour companies simply aren’t allowed to do. And even though you’ll see breathtaking Live Oaks, some Bald Cypress and other fascinating flora, our swamp isn’t a tangle of Cypress knees and roots. We can maneuver safely into hard-to-get-to places such as duck ponds, just inches of water, where the real adventure is.

Friends & Family

The most valuable treasure we can ever leave our children and future generations is the love and knowledge we have for the swamp and marshes of Louisiana Cajun Country. Let us share it with your family. We also offer larger groups an exclusive way to explore the bayou's wildlife and scenic beauty.

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Saving Wetlands

We contribute to saving our wetlands by raising awareness about the importance of wetland preservation and supporting local conservation efforts. And when it comes to safety, you can have piece of mind knowing that in all our years of operating tours on these waterways, we’ve never had an injury or an accident.

Restoration Efforts