Louisiana Wetland Facts

 It seems clear that the nation must find a way to fund the largest ecological rehabilitation project in U.S. history, a comprehensive effort to rebuild South Louisiana’s disappearing landscape. If not, then what you experience on our swamp tour and what is written below will be lost forever.


Energy -According to 2010 estimates of Louisiana’s Primary Energy Production: including Outer Continental Shelf production, Louisiana ranks 1st in crude oil production and 2nd in natural gas production; excluding Outer Continental Shelf production, Louisiana ranks 4th in natural gas and 5th in crude oil production among the 50 states (LDNR 2011).

Waterborne Commerce -Louisiana’s coastal wetlands provide storm protection for ports that, according to 2009, carried 449 million tons of waterborne commerce, accounting for 20% of all waterborne commerce in the United States (USACE 2010). Five of the top fifteen largest ports in the United States are located in Louisiana (USACE 2010).

Commercial Fishing – According to 2008 data, Louisiana commercial landings exceeded 916 million pounds with a dockside value of $272.9 million (NOAA 2009), accounting for approximately 26% of the total catch by weight in the lower 48 States (NOAA 2010). Recreational Fishing – According to 2009 data, non-commercial fishing in Louisiana employs almost 20,000 people and related annual expenditures amount to over $1.7 billion (NOAA 2011).

Hunting According to 2006 data, annual hunting-related expenditures in Louisiana amounted to $975 million. (LDWF 2008).

Wildlife-watching – According to 2006 data, expenditures related to wildlife-watching in Louisiana amounted to $517 million (LDWF 2008).

Fur Harvest – According to 2007-2008 data, fur harvest in Louisiana’s coastal wetlands generated approximately $1.75 million (LDWF 2008).

Alligator Harvest – According to 2006 data, Louisiana’s alligator harvest was valued at approximately $109.2 million (LDWF 2008).

Waterfowl – Louisiana’s coastal wetlands annually provide habitat for over 5 million migratory waterfowl (LDWF 2011).

Length of Coastline 397 miles

Tidal Shoreline 7,721 miles

Coastal Zone Population >2,000,000 (47% of the States Population)

Coastal Area 14,587 square miles

Coastal Land Area 5,663 square miles

Length of oil and gas pipelines 125,000 miles

 If coastal loss were to occur at a constant rate, it would equate to losing an area the size of a football field per hour

Tourism provides $9.3 billion in revenue. (LDCRT 2010/11).


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